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Terms and conditions
    All copyright and all intellectual property rights with respect to the design or artwork in relation to the artistic work by WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA during the execution of the work order; this will remain the property of SERVICES WEB GMTP.CA, subject to the possibility of an explicit sale and written by WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA to the client and upon client’s request to this effect;

    GMTP.CA WEB SERVICES reserves the right to terminate this contract and that, with reasonable notice. No verbal agreement will be recognized by WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA unless a specific written reference is mentioned on the Service Agreement or contract “Contrat de service”. All prices are subject to change without notice and certain conditions apply.

    WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA cannot be considered in default under any circumstances and in any way shape or form on any contractual agreement if its performance and obligations in whole or in part, is delayed or prevented as a result of a “force majeure”, or only in the case that the Client has not approved his/her Internet pages.

    The owner of the web pages agrees to complete a required form in order to enable SERVICES WEB GMTP.CA to the URL or website as required by ISPs business form ... WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA is not responsible for any restrictions imposed by the authorities of the Internet and Internet service providers, to all users.

    Changes or availability of any design material must be given to SERVICES WEB GMTP.CA within the 14 day period from the date of order has been signed and/or if written ''mention specifique'' is mentioned in writing on your “contrat de service”. If otherwise a penalty of $ 20.00 per month is applicable thereafter. After a delay of 30 days following the signing of the agreement “contrat de service” in website design website, if your changes or availability of any design material has not been given to WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA; WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA will complete its client’s website at best it could, therefore clients website will be launched and released.

    The owner of the web pages is not authorized to resell the web design , Internet pages nor programming. But WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA may disagree to any selling arrangement or web design. Both parties agree not to have changes and or modifications made to their website by any other third parties. No changes or modifications will be made without the consent of SERVICES WEB GMTP.CA

    Late payment is subject to a $ 25.00 fee and a 18% interest rate per year.

    WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA must maintain a fixed IP server and access backup. All losses due to storms or other natural disasters, WEB SERVICES GMTP.CA shall not be liable for such losses.

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Terms and Conditions